Performance Vision

Performance Vision helps IT teams avoid and solve performance degradations by providing proactive end-user response time monitoring.

These objective metrics are shared across IT teams (Helpdesk, Network, Systems and Applications) and enable fast optimisation of application delivery through the infrastructure.

Network Performance Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor network performance in real-time through synthetic dashboards
  • Visualize network performance and usage trends
  • Gain instant insight from detailed network analysis
  • Pinpoint abnormal behaviours and diagnose network errors

Real User Monitoring

  • Measure end-user experience against Service Level Agreements
  • Diagnose and resolve degradations faster on all end-user activities
  • Identify slowdowns, pinpoint their origin and instantly understand their scope (which users for which transactions)
  • Map complex application chains and monitor their behaviour
  • Evaluate the impact of deployments and migrations on network resources and end-user experience
Real User Monitoring
Transaction APM

Transaction APM

  • 100% of transactions measured in real-time with no impact or additional workload
  • Performance monitoring of all application operations (web, database, file sharing, etc.)
  • Continuous recording of response times and errors at transaction and end-user levels
  • All application errors are traced and categorized based on their origin and gravity
  • End-user complaint diagnosis is done in a few clicks and drills down to detailed infrastructure, system and application level without having to manipulate packets